Yoni Ki Raat - Sat, Oct 1 @ 6:30pm
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Yoni ki Raat NYC is a transformational performance project that seeks to create community among South Asian or Indo-Carribean-identified cis women, trans people and gender nonconforming artists. We tell the stories that we have all been taught to swallow - stories about pleasure and violence, desire and disaster. It's all on the table - family struggles, nighttime adventures and of course, all things hairy. In naming these truths, we engage both ourselves and our audience in a process of transformation.

Yoni ki Raat NYC had two sold-out runs in 2015 and 2016. On October 1, 2016, cast members from both productions will join forces for Yoni ki Raat: The Remix, at Tamasha, NYC's South Asian Performing Arts Festival.


Y is a bookish Netflix addict and can usually be found curled up with a book or a film. Food is usually involved. A surefire way to make her smile is to ask her to show you a picture of her nephew. A veteran of both coasts, she has come to terms with being at home nowhere and everywhere, all at once.

SB is an Indo-Canadian-New Yorker, and can be found complaining both when it's hot and when it's cold. She's an engineer, works in criminal justice reform, and is a creator of stories and art of all sorts. Her biggest, yet most elusive desire is to be seen - an ongoing quest that currently finds her in Brooklyn with a white man and a black cat.

Shabana B is an Indo-Guyanese womxn who has lived in NYC her whole life. She does human rights work with different orgs, writes, and enjoys speaking in third person. Being Indo-Guyanese is perhaps what she holds closest to her heart about her identity and family. Because Indo-Caribbeans are often excluded from South Asian spaces, she wants to be the gateway, the hope, other Indo-Caribbean womxn find to assert themselves, reclaim their heritage, and ultimately reclaim their stories.

Riti Sachdeva is a theatre maker, dancer, and cultural worker. She and her friends wonder “When did we get so old that we like Mary Oliver’s poetry?” A devoted student of flamenco, she has probably annoyed you practicing footwork while waiting on subway platforms or in line at TJ’s. She lives for the summer outdoor house music fêtes. Riti cultivates her inner beach bum every chance she gets, follows astrology obsessively (Scorpio in the first house, sun in Leo, moon in Aries) drinks a lot of strong chai, enjoys observing colonies of ants, and scopes out fruit trees for ripe pickings. She is humbled to be in community and collaboration with these fellow yonis.

N is a nerd with the occasional funny streak. She identifies as Pakistani, Punjabi and American. She works as a scientist and is probably a bit too rational for her own good. N is a purveyor of pop culture and has been known to be somewhat of an insufferable know it all. She is an unashamed cat lady and will gladly distract herself with cat videos or gifs. She is super excited to be a part of this community of strong, independent South Asian women.

Nitika Raj is a transnational woman who comes alive dancing. Born in India and raised in Kuwait, she has lived in the U.S. for 15 years this May. Her yoni is a lotus of countless colorful petals. She lives in Brooklyn doing social justice work by day and arts activism by night. Nitika loves and heals and finds home in the ocean. Yoni ki Raat was her dance debut on a New York stage!

Debayani Kar loves a captive audience, preferably out with friends, but a stage works, too. Debi is a writer, performer and storytelling strategist who makes her home in Brooklyn, NY. Her family is originally from Bangladesh and India and she grew up in Knoxville, TN. Yes, she was once a brown girl with a Southern accent.

Aaliya Zaveri is a wanderlust-struck pyrotechnic with a penchant for the divine and the disgraceful. She grew up in Hong Kong, and has since lived in Edinburgh, Mumbai, and now, NYC. She likes polka dots, avocados, and the sea.