Tamasha (n.)  

a grand show or performance, fun, play, entertainment.


Maya –The Sutra Dhār of Emotions!!! 


An emotional journey, an ensemble of emotions, which will be tied in together in a Sutra Dhār. A mother to Nirbhaya or a Devdasi, mother of our land or taking care of her child, the sacrifices made and the aspirations set forth only make her the creator and controller be it any form!!! Anu Sahasrabudhe will portray this through her solo act Maya.

Anuradha (Anu) Sahasrabudhe's dancing interest and training started at the age of 6 under her mother Guru Neelima Lokre who was trained in Rabindrik, Kathak and Manipuri.  Anu is an IT Business Analyst by profession but her passion for dance was set as a child, growing up Anu received training in Bharatnatyam, Kathak and Oddisi.  She then did her diploma in modern creative dance style under Guru Tanushree Shankar, who also eventually recruited Anu in their dance troupe.  Tanushree Shankar is world-renowned and one of the leading exponents of contemporary dance forms in India who created her own modern idiom by marrying the grace and beauty of traditional Indian dances with the soul of modern western ballet expressions.

Following her guru’s footsteps Anu is now set on a path to unfold this art in her own language blending all styles she has learnt to truly make it a fusion but also preserving the essence of purity and simplicity.

Anu’s creative dance style blends different styles of modern and Indian dances like Bharatnatyam, Kathak, folk with Contemporary techniques.  Anu has also created her own fitness workouts by merging Bollywood, Pilates, Yoga, Bhangra and various other forms of folk and western styles named

BOLLYFUZION/MUDAFIT. Her workouts are excellent for full body toning. The rhythm and core control is a complete powerhouse. Anuradha has had many award winning Choreographies over her 20 years of dance career. Anu now resides in Scotch Plains where she has recently founded and is the Artistic Director of her own Dance Company and Performing Arts School MUDAVIS Performing Arts. Her showcases are unique truly bringing forth the aesthetics of MUSIC, DANCE and Visuals.

Some of her unique choreographies are “Nirbhaya”, “Natrang”, “Beat the Beats”, “The Indian Train”. Please visit www.mudavis.com to see some of Anu’s work.