Jacqueline Pereda Sketch Show - Tues, Sept 27 @ 8:00pm

Jacqueline Pereda Sketch Show - Tues, Sept 27 @ 8:00pm

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Tuesday, September 27th at 8:00 pm in the Downstairs Theatre of Paradise Factory

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Americana Soup:

We’re not your Grandmother’s recipe.

Turning your favorite American stereotypes on their head...so you don’t have to.

Written by: Jacqueline Pereda

Starring: Kent Koren, Jerry Mathew and Jacqueline Pereda


Kent Koren:

Kent Koren is a comedian, actor and writer. He started his comedy career in LA performing regularly at the Improv and performing sketch and improv at the Second City Training Center. He then moved back to he east coast, where he's from, and on to New York City where he has gone on to star in two indie features, "The Inquisition of Camilo Sanz" coming to HBO and in select theaters and "The Hudson Tribes," soon to be released.. In addition to acting in commercials and doing voice over for major brands, he is producing and starring in a TV pilot he has written called "This Is Chip."

Jerry Mathew:

Jerry Mathew is an actor and comedian based out of New York City.  He recently finished a lead role on the Travel Channel, and a national commercial.  He finished core actor training at the William Esper Studio and also has an Engineering degree from Columbia.  Jerry is a Chicago native, now living in exotic New Jersey.

Jacqueline Pereda:

Jacqueline Pereda is an actor, comedian and writer, and is currently trying to make America great again. Jacqueline has appeared on Hack My Life, A Perfect Murder, NYC theater and several commercials and is a contributing writer to Cafe.com. She also writers and produces sketch comedy for her own YouTube channel that focuses on empowering women . When she’s not dancing to Selena alone in her bedroom, Jacqueline thoroughly enjoys writing biographies about herself in the in the third person.