Dance Night - Sat, Oct 1 @ 8:30pm

Dance Night - Sat, Oct 1 @ 8:30pm

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Saturday, October 1st at 8:30 pm in the Upstairs Theatre of Paradise Factory

Manhattan Andaaz - Traditional South Asian dances (kathak, bharatnatyam) and their evolution over time

Dance Drama Dramatics - Awakening and Sur

Junoon Performing Arts - 3 lives, An epic love triangle, An impossible happy ending - Judai

Rohan Sheth - Sudhama's love for Krishna...unrequited

Bollywood Funk NYC - Bollywood Frames- Expressions, Emotions, Entertainment

Shivani Badgi - Suffocation

Shawn Mathews

Swarali Karulkar



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Founded in July, 2007 , Bollywood funk is NYC’s Premier Dance institution specializing in urban contemporary Bollywood Dance. We blend the best of what Bollywood has to offer, high energy, drama, entertainment and expressions with the intricacy and techniques of jazz, hip hop and various other eastern/ western dance styles. We aim to show just how diverse Bollywood is as a dance style and how its constantly evolving and reinventing itself by crossing cultural boundaries.


Sur (A Kaleidoscopic Plethora) - Movement and shapes are the main focus of Bollywood tracks that provide an emphasis on human emotions. We aim to showcase different styles of dancing, blending into each other to create a flow of artistic imagination. We want the audience to ponder and think and connect with our movement.


One Step Closer (Jaan Meri) - Love inspires us all, no matter where we come from or where we have arrived. In this duet, we represent the confluence of two souls whose passionate love transverses the bounds of time and reality. The classical music and dance elements hint at epic love tales told, and the elegant scene of our couple dancing reminds us of the kind of love that awakened our hearts, set our souls on fire and challenged each of us to take one step closer...


Judai - 3 lives, An epic love triangle, An impossible happy ending

Junoon Performing Arts aims to both absorb and reflect the times around us through the art of dance. Art has no language, and so we strive to blend a range of styles to present stories to the world. Transitioning from indo­-contemporary to jazz to bollywood to physical theater we reach for conceptually­-themed operatic performances that are as fluid as they are distinct.




Suffocation - The story about a victim of college rape. He showed up at the bar with our friends and offered to grab me a beer. That’s the last thing I remember. A girl expresses her battle with her rapist and how she picks up the pieces of herself after the incident using Kathak Contemporary dance. Using strong Kathak Tatkaar, or footwork, and contemporary styling, I will show the intense vulnerability and tragic defeat the victim goes through. It is time to make a change and not have stories of college assault victims go unnoticed. I aim to spark a fire in your heart as there is in mine.


Zero Degrees - Reflection of Swarali's past and Indian culture's influence on her life

Jab bhi Cig - The story of a showgirl

Vajle ki bara (Lavni) - A folk dance from the Indian state of Maharashtra) Note: the folk theatre form of Maharashtra is also called 'Tamasha'