Frequently Asked Questions

We ask that you read the FAQ before you submit or e-mail with questions. Other questions can be directed to

PLEASE NOTE: You may only contact Tamasha NYC for festival-related questions. Paradise Factory is ONLY hosting the festival and will not answer ANY questions regarding the event. Please DO NOT call or email Paradise Factory.

Q: Who can apply ?
ANY ARTIST associated with performing arts and of South Asian origin ie. writers, directors, sound designers, actors, musicians, singers, poets, performance artists, technical directors, producers, set designers. BOTTOM LINE: If you are of South Asian origin and you do anything associated with performing arts, YOU can apply.

ANY ARTIST with a work that incorporates a South Asian thematic/plot element in his or her work can apply. Maybe you have a performance art piece that travels around the world and has a stop in Nepal. Maybe your play is set in Brooklyn and features a Bangladeshi shop keeper. Maybe you sing Punjabi folk songs. Maybe you write poetry about Sri Lanka.

Q: I am an artist, but don’t have a production. Can I apply?

Absolutely! We have variety shows that feature artists of all kinds - stand up comedians, ghazal singers, folk dancers. You can send us an idea of what you do and we will find a place for you! What’s better - you’re exempt from many of the requirements full productions must complete. You will just need to bring it.

Q: What is the difference between a production and an artist/group? Can I apply as either?
A: A production is a full length work such as but not limited to a play, ballet, or opera. We consider pieces 45 minutes or longer full length productions. Anything under that time period should be submitted as an individual artist/group.
Productions must complete Part A and B of the application.
Individual artist/group must complete only Part A of the application.

Q: Where can I mail my Application and Support Materials to?
A: You must apply online here. We do not accept applications by mail.

Q: What are the application requirements?
A: Here are the requirements for the application:
Part A and B of the application (individual artists only need to fill out Part A).
Support Materials emailed to
$15 Application fee submitted here.

Q: I have not received a confirmation email after hitting the “Check Errors & Submit” button. What do I do?
A: Please email

Q: My script is at a workshop stage/not complete right now, is a completed script required?
A: Though we encourage scripts ready for production, we understand you still maybe developing the script. You can also choose to have a stage reading of your work in progress. Please submit the script, however finished, to us by email. Without it, your application will not be considered complete.

Q: Will I be notified whether I have been accepted or not and when will I find out this information?
A: You will be notified if you have been accepted or not by June 1, 2016.

Q: Where and when will my show be performed?
A: Your show will be scheduled in Manhattan for the duration of Tamasha. Schedules will be sent out after you have been accepted into the festival.

Q: What does Tamasha pay for?
A: We take care of the big-ticket items – the performance venue including some venue staff and technical support as well as all marketing materials (poster, postcards, paid social media advertising). This cuts out the major costs associated with producing the show. However, the creative elements of putting together a show - production design, rehearsal and other parts of putting on a production are the artist/group’s responsibility.

Variety shows will be designed/directed by a festival team member but you will still be responsible for the above.

Q: What do I have to pay for?
A: There is a small application/performance fee for the festival. However, upon acceptance, all artists/groups are required to submit a security deposit. As long as the artist/group shows up to all performances AND respects the rules and regulations of the festival and the space, the security deposit is returned to the artist.

You will still have to cover the specific production costs of your show as well, including:

  1. Actors and Stage Managers - All productions are REQUIRED to have a Stage Manager/Lighting Designer/Technical Director (it may be the same person). Individual artists/showcase participants are EXEMPT from this requirement.
  2. House Manager - You must have a person running your house for EVERY SHOW (it cannot be the same person as your SM/TD/LD). Individual artists/showcase participants are EXEMPT from this requirement.
    Please note: You can hire a qualified SM/TD and/or House Manager through Tamasha for $25/hour
  3. Other Production Staff - Director, Board Operators, Crew, etc.
  4. Rehearsal Space
  5. Set Materials and Construction Costs - Remember: keep the show high-concept and low-tech. There will be at the most 1hr load-in and load-out per performance.
  6. Costumes
  7. Additional/Special Technical Needs – Example: a projector - you can rent one from Tamasha for a fee.

Q: How long will I have to set up my set?
A: Each production will have 15 minutes to load in and 15 minutes to load out. We encourage low-tech, high-concept productions. What does that mean? You won't be able to have a traditional set.

Q: Will I be able to store set and costume materials at the venue?
A: There will be no storage at the venue. You must load in and out ALL materials every show.

Q: When can I see the venue?
A: Tamasha 2016 will schedule SELECT times for artists/groups to see the venue. Please do not contact Paradise Factory to see the venue or show up to the space.

Q: When will I see the rep plot for theatre?
A: The rep plot along with the space diagram will be emailed to all participants by June 15, 2016.

Q: How else can SAIPAF help me produce my show?
A: While you (or your producers) bear the responsibility for producing your own show, we will do as much as we can to help you do so as effectively. Some of the additional resources we provide include:

  1. Basic guidance on producing within Tamasha including an assigned mentor with years of theatre experience to help you go from concept to production.
  2. Marketing gurus that will push your show to press and audience members
  3. Guidance with launching crowdfunding campaigns and/or attracting donors to your work for future funding.

Q: Will the festival be marketing my show?
A: The festival will be responsible for overall marketing. However, due to the number of shows, the team cannot possibly market every show to its fullest. Artists/groups should extensively market their own shows, including reaching out to press.
Paid marketing services, including ads in festival program and social media, will be provided by Tamasha. Rates will be available soon.

Q: How will I make money?
A: Tamasha will keep 100% of the revenue from the first 20 tickets sold at every show (does not include comps). Ticketing revenue after the first 20 tickets will be split as follows - Tamasha - 75%, Artist - 25%, where the Artist is the whole performing group or groups (as in the case of Artist showcases). For every sold out show, artist will receive 35% of the ticketing revenue.

Who owns the rights to my show?
A: Only the artist/group owns the rights to his or her show.